Floral Arrangements for Receptions and Events

At "I FIORI DI NADIA" we carry out our best work in creating personal and appropriate floral arrangements for every receptions and events:  weddings, communions, confirmations, baptisms, conferences, work dinners, birthdays, nightly and glamorous events, fashion shows, inaugurations, graduations, and any other occasion in which you see fit.

Our arrangements are created to blend in with their surroundings (modern villas, old villas, castles, apartments, conference rooms, beach, swimming pool,etc.), and all of your needs will be studied and met. 

With my experience, I will be able to advise on the most suitable flower arrangement on the type of ceremony and atmosphere you want.

Your centerpieces will be created with more imagination and inspiration to current trends. Not only flowers, but also plants, glass vases, candles, mirrors, fruits, and lanterns may be used in decorating. 

We put special emphasis on the adaptability of the floral arrangements for buffet tables and appetizer tables: they must be visually striking but also well-proportioned to the table without taking up too much space, which we recognize is needed for the buffet.

At "I FIORI DI NADIA" you may also order floral arrangements for your swimming pools, fountains, driveways, and any other places you see fit.  Ask, and here at "I FIORI DI NADIA" we will do whatever is possible to satisfy your personal needs.