Bridal Bouquets

The bridal bouquet is considered the “buttonhole flower” of florists.  If it is made in good taste and good skill, the bride will surely feel comfortable with it, as it will be completely in taste with its surroundings on her special day. 

At "I FIORI DI NADIA" you will find the bridal bouquet of your choice among many and various ideas that I will propose to you.  After having understood a description of your bridal gown or actually having seen it, I will have an idea of what suits your personal needs and desires. I will always keep in mind your tastes, practicality, sensibility and personality of the bride, matching the flowers you choose for the ceremony and the right color to use.

I can make for you: Classic bridal bouquets (formal) or modern, rustic or elegant bouquets, wrist bouquets or bouquet purses, scepters, spheres, cascading bouquets, tiaras, and many other types.  Any of my ideas or your ideas can be elaborated and made.