About Me

Juri Franceschi, a lover of flowers and good taste, a lover of elegance with extravagance, teacher of floral art, window-dresser, interior decorator and promoter of the floral world.

Since 1998, I run the store that opened my aunt in 1984, hence the name "I FIORI DI NADIA”, then passed from the hands of my father. It isn’t the years that have modified the shop, but my experience and the great passion I have, gained through many professional courses and updating in which I participated, and the observation of nature, colors, elements and all living things ... .. just like the flowers!

As soon as I started running the business, I attended the basic courses and specialization courses with the school of floral art “MASTROFIORISTI”.

In the following years I took many various courses in floral arrangements for weddings, bridal bouquets, floral design, window dressing and interior decorating.

In 2003, I began the professional training courses of the national school of floral art “ASSOFIORISTI”, which led me to become a TEACHER OF FLORAL ART in the same school.

It was during these years of training, updates, floral art competitions, and also thanks to the collaboration of famous “teachers of floral art” both Italian and foreign, that I reached my professional standard and my high knowledge in the floral field, which allows me to satisfy the requests and needs of my customers. All with a work code of gentleness and professionalism, these traits which best describe me. 

"I FIORI DI NADIA" is not only a simple florist shop, but here you will find a meeting of imagination, colours, and many new ideas for your gifts or for your most important special occasions or special events.  From weddings to every your special occasion, you will experience a trustworthy guide for original and imaginative ideas. You will find a vast assortment of fresh local and tropical flowers, house plants, garden plants, Italian orchids, a selection of furnishing complements, and artificial flowers of high quality.